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The Touring Cap or Newsboy Cap is a Hat People favorite. A Classic style throughout North America and Europe; the Touring Cap has come to be used for both formal and informal wear. Its long history and regional associations have given this hat more names than any other hat I know. These names include Touring Cap, Newsboy Cap, Gatsby, Button Top, Lundberg Stetson, Longshoreman's Hat & Big Apple. This list, I am certain, remains incomplete - in the early 70's I was a deck hand on a salmon trawler out of Harbor, Oregon; and there they were called Fisherman's Caps. Most of us have seen movies where great gatherings of working men stand wearing their Newsboy Caps. Today, in the era of the ubiquitous "Baseball Cap", the Touring Cap has found a new place on the heads of men and women alike. The Hat has gained new freedoms from its former days and is often pushed back rather than pulled forward over the bill. This fashion, of pushing the top of the hat back, is particularly popular among folks with longer hair - where the hat nicely compliments your hair when it is down; and provides an easy way of securing & protecting your hair, when you tuck it up. You can see pictures of folks wearing Newsboy Caps by clicking here.