In January we warm ourselves by the fire and recover from our Christmas fairs. Hat People takes a much needed break ~ from Christmas until New Years ~ when we allow the exhaustion that has been held at arms length for the month-and-a-half, in the lead up to Christmas, to have its way with us. In short, we collapse. We encourage you all to order hats online or visit Shops that feature our Hats during the month of January (or any other time, for that matter). We have not yet been tempted to leave the hearth fires of the Hat Ranch, for a January Art Festival in Florida.
I have decided not to list specific dates for fairs in this ~ our news//calendar ~ ! My new plan is to provide links to the various Festival sites, and let them update the where's and when's. Festival promoters are much better at providing updates than I will ever be. So if it is bold, and underlined; it's a hot link to more info. The one glitch in this plan is that not all of the fairs we do have web sites. If this is the case, I usually link to local Chamber of Commerce sites.

You are always welcome to visit Hat People Studios at 835 E Main, Studio A, in Medford, Oregon. We do not keep regular business hours::::> We'll run 12 hour days, week after week, then simply be gone. So please call for a time to meet. We'll be on hand to say "Howdy!".
The numbers are: (541) 973-4325 (cell) or (888) 930-4287.

Our Pacific Northwest Market Season officially begins the first weekend in March, with the opening of the Portland Saturday Market. In 2011 Carol and I invited our charming offspring, Jacob and Rose, into the partnership that is Hat People. Since that time, Jacob has maintained an ongoing presence at the Portland Saturday Market. Located on Naito Parkway where the Burnside Bridge crosses the Willamette River: the Portland Saturday Market is large::::> with room enough to host close to 300 artisans, an International Food Court, and live entertainment on both Saturday and Sunday. Despite its size and open air venue, 90% of the Market is protected from the rain! The rules of the Market allow artisans, from throughout the region, to ebb and flow through the Market; thus keeping the mix fresh from one weekend to the next. In the last few years Jacob has elected to take a reserved location at the Portland Saturday Market. In 2020 Hat People will occupy space #208. Although knowing the Hat People's booth number is helpful, it is far easier to find Hat People by simply inquiring at the Information Booth located near the crosswalk on Naito Parkway. Say "Hi!" to Jacob for me!

Next is a fair that is dear to my heart ~ if I may be so sentimental ~ it is the first fair we did as Hat People, back in 1978. In Roseburg, Oregon::::> it is the Inner Space Family Spring Fair, and it is special in many ways: 1) The food is great 2) The folks that sponsor the fair are friends 3) They let me cook pancakes on Sunday morning for all the vendors 4) Entertainment is rivaled by few fairs ~ artists include ~ Baby Gramps, Prof. MuckNectar, Artis the Spoonman, Scott Huckabay and many more that have appeared on the Inner Space Family Spring Fair Stage.

The oldest artisans market in the United States, the Eugene Saturday Market, opens its season in April. We plan to attend every Saturday Market in April unless the weather gets totally out of hand. Located nearly 200 miles from our home, in Talent, Oregon, the cost in time and gasoline to participate in the Market is somewhat shocking. This information is over shadowed by the fact that the folks of Eugene have supported Hat People with such enthusiasm, we are competely inspired to return year after year.
In May the Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland comes into full swing. A delightful 15 minutes by car from the Hat Ranch: it can be found immediately downstream from Lithia Park, on Calle Guanajuato. The Lithia Artisans Market is open weekends May thru October. We are usually present ~ every weekend ~ unless we are on the road. If you are visiting the Ashland~Medford region during the week, and are in need of a hat, please feel free to call us at our studios, the numbers are: (541) 973-4325 (cell) or (888) 930-4287. Ashland is home to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and combines an artistic/cosmopolitan tone with a beautiful small town setting.

June finds us all working hard trying to keep up with sales at the Portland Saturday Market, the Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland, and internet sales from To make life even more interesting, we are concurrently preparing for our biggest Festival of the year, the Oregon Country Fair.
On the 4th of July, Ashland pulls out all the stops with a parade, art fair, and lots of fireworks. Carol and I also celebrate our wedding anniversary on this auspicious day! Most of the time you can find us in the Lithia Artisans Market during 4th of July festivities, but we reserve the right to just hangout, enjoy the day, and play!

Of all the fairs that we do, the Oregon Country Fair is the largest. More than fifty years ago a coalition of artists, and the Oregon Country Fair organization, purchased land from the Kesey family and gave us a permanent home. Near Veneta, west of Eugene, along the Long Tom River; the Oregon Country Fair is definitely in the country! Having a booth at the Fair is like having a piece of real estate for the strict purpose of an Art Happening/Party/Campout/ Community Reunion/Get Together. There are parades, trees, grass, art ~ stages devoted to Rock & Roll, Belly Dancing, Story Telling ~ you name it! It's a gas! To find us::::> make your way to the Main Stage ~ at the beginning of the field that opens onto Main Stage is White Bird (the First Aid Station). We are directly across from White Bird, booth number 238. The Oregon Country Fair will blossom in the forest come mid July. It is like no other.

We will most likely be at the Lithia Artisans Market & Portland Saturday Market on the weekends in August. We have no Festivals scheduled at this time, but that could change!

In September our only fair away from home is the North Country Fair, scheduled near the Fall Equinox, in Arcata, California. Arcata has a classic town square, complete with a statue of President McKinley. During one visit I was told that the statue was simply for sale, sometime in the distant past. So.... the town bought it for the square? Ah yes, ART! Anyhow, the statue looks great, and the North Country Fair is full of fun ~ with music, dance, an All Species Parade, a fantastic Farmers Market and more.
Issaquah Salmon Days Festival is a wonderful example of the Arts and Science coming together to raise the awareness of thousands of folks. The Festival is scheduled to coincide with the Fall Salmon Run. You can actually go down to the stream and see Chinook, Coho, and Sockeye Salmon in the stream! It is very inspirational. I was so moved, I designed a web page around a photo I took of kids watching Salmon entering the Hatchery, through the viewing glass. It’s all about Salmon....check it out! Unfortunately Hat People no longer participates in this festival, but if your in the area on Festival weekend it's worth a meander.

At this point my Crystal Ball gets a bit hazy. We may jury for another Art Fair in October, but not for certain. We will definitely be a presence at the Lithia Artisans Market and I may travel north for a Saturday in Eugene and there's our ongoing presence in Portland, but nothing more specific.

In November we try to get to the Eugene Saturday Market at least once, but there is no guarantee.

The Eugene Holiday Market opens at the Lane County Fairgrounds the weekend before Thanksgiving and we will be there. The Holiday Market is consistently the finest indoor craft fair Hat People attends. I say this because it's all there. The Exhibit Hall is as big as any in the state::::> with plenty of room for a great diversity of fine art, craft, live music, high fashion costumes, and good things to eat. The Artisans are professional and their offerings are some of the best.

Thanksgiving Weekend will find Hat People covering three bases once again: Eugene Holiday Market, Portland Saturday Market, and orders placed by patrons living almost anywhere, checking in at

The Eugene Holiday Market, at the Lane County Fair Grounds, runs every weekend from the middle of November through December, ending with the final days on Christmas Eve! Jacob customarily leaves Portland, to join us in Eugene, for the final weekend before Christmas and the last days of the Holiday Market.

May your Holiday Season be Joyful.

I wholeheartedly encourage you to visit these SHOPS — they all feature Hats by Hat People.

Fedora Primo at 216 Pier Ave. in Santa Monica, California (310 399-8584) is just off Main Street. Frank is a great guy and deep into Hats.

The Hat Store on 314 Broad St. in Nevada City, California has Hat People Hats.

SideWinder Sports is our Colorado outlet! Located in th Snowmass Village Mall, 15 minutes from Aspen::::> Brian is there to help!

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