It is appropriate to wear a Brimless Hat inside.

The tradition exists in cultures throughout the world. Names for Brimless Hats include: the Beret, Kippah,
Zucchetto, Skullcap, Smoker’s Hat (in the Den before the Man Cave), Doppa, Yamaka, Kufi & Fez.
Celebrations, dance, ritual, or to simply keep warm;the Brimless Hat can be found in halls, synagogues,
churches, homes, mosques, & walking through the countryside. Once I fully realized the extent to
which the hat is used in spiritual practice, prayer, and meditation; it dawned on me that the brimless hat
was further associated with looking inside one’s self.

Hat People has developed several versions of the Brimless Hat over the years, but this is the first time
we have offered them online. What you see here is not the full extent of the Brimless Designs we have created,
so please stay tuned:

There are more to come!