It is appropriate to wear a Brimless Hat inside.
The tradition exists in cultures throughout the world.
Names for Brimless Hats include: the Beret, Kippah,
Zucchetto, Skullcap, Smoker’s Hat (in the Den
before the Man Cave), Doppa, Yamaka, Kufi & Fez.
Celebrations, dance, ritual, or to simply keep warm;
the Brimless Hat can be found in halls, synagogues,
churches, homes, mosques, & walking through the
countryside. Once I fully realized the extent to
which the hat is used in spiritual practice, prayer, &
meditation; it dawned on me that the brimless hat
was further associated with looking inside one’s self,
for spiritual guidance & enlightenment!

I first created a handful of hats, that eventually came to
be called “Insiders”, in the fall of 2018. I was very
busy at the time making hats for our standard line
(Newsboy Caps & Sports Caps); but I made one for myself
and a few for sale, then shelved the project. Since founding
Hat People with my wife, Carol, in 1978; I have been
intrigued with the names of Hats. So this winter (2019),
when I began wearing the hat you see on my head (upper right)
on a daily basis, both inside & out, I realized I needed
a name. “The Insider” came to me during one of my
morning meditation walks. I was wearing the hat
inside my Hoodie, while looking inside myself, and
continued wearing it inside, on returning to the Hat Ranch.
The revelation was immediate: I had a name for my Hat!

“The Insider”