Linen is woven from flax, an incredibly durable fiber, much stronger than cotton. The inherent strength of Linen allows for a fabric that is light enough to breathe, while retaining its durability. This translates into a fabric well suited for the construction of hats worn in warmer climates. A Linen Hat also works well for people whose work is hot. Jobs inside and out, anywhere you need to cover your head, and the task generates heat; a Linen Hat is the best choice. Add to this the fact that Linen washes well in cold water, and you've got yourself a great Hat!

The colors we are currently offering are Blue, Natural and Olive. We have several more colors we are not listing, here at the Hat Ranch, and we often use these colors to make the contrasting band. Notice in the pictures ~ the natural color hat has a light green band, and the oval picture of Peter wearing a blue hat, has a dark green band. Size is measured in inches of circumference with a cloth tape. If you are sure of your standard hat size (inches of diameter) we can convert your measurement, but our experience is that not all diameters are the same!! Your questions can most likely be answered by calling the Hat Ranch at 1(888) 930 4287 PST or email works well too. Another option is to look at our Order Information page where we try valiantly to anticipate your inquiries. Thank You.