Hat People has been making Newsboy Caps to order, in the State of Oregon, USA, for over 40 years.
Once your hat is set to the size you have ordered, we line it with 100% cotton, and then sew the hat band into place. Although traditionally worn with the top pulled forward over the bill, pushing the top of the hat back has become very popular ~ especially among women. All Hat People Caps can be safely rolled for storage in a pocket; and washed by hand in cold water.

Hat People offers 4 different cuts in the Newsboy style. There is the Medium Cut, Deep Cut, Full Cut & Extra-Full Cut. The different Cuts are fully explained on the Touring Caps Cuts page, which can be accessed by clicking here.

Every hat features a 3/8" by 9" elastic, as an adjusting strap, sewn into the back of the hat. This does not mean that one-size-fits-all. Each Newsboy Cap is finished, as orders are received, to the size requested in the order. The elastic is used to fine tune the hat smaller, if necessary. This is done with the aid of a 00 brass safety pin holding a Z fold in the elastic. So the hat is made to the circumference you order, but can be adjusted smaller if the need arises (say the wind comes up). The elastic and the safety pin are hidden inside the hat band ~ accessible through a slot in the back. Hat People has been using this method of fine tuning the size of our hats for over 30 years ~ with great success.

As with most hats, Newsboy Cap is not the only name associated with this classic style. We've been calling it a Touring Cap for years, and yes, this design works well when you're on the road: 1) It's portable ~ you can roll it up and put it in your pocket ~ I have heard too many tales of feral restaurants consuming the unattended hat!! Put it in your POCKET!! 2) The Touring Cap is versatile ~ you can wear it with the top pushed forward, back, on the side ~ turn it around for the beret look. All this makes the Touring Cap a great asset to your limited "on the road" wardrobe. 3) And it's good in all kinds of weather (am I being too enthusiastic?) ~ If the sun comes out, the bill will shade your eyes ~ If the weather turns cold, pull it over your ears (it may look strange, but at least your ears are warm). Happy Trails!!

2020 marks our 42nd anniversary as Hat People!