Hat People offers a broad range of hats and caps for all seasons. Our designs can be washed in cold water, and stored safely in a pocket. Incorporating a careful balance between fabric, use, and shape; all hats are cut and sewn by Hat People in the mountains of Southern Oregon. Before ordering from us online consider checking our Fair Schedule, we may be in your area next weekend! Shops that feature our hats are also listed on our Schedule page, they're all great folks ready to help.

Lithia Artisans Market Ashland, Oregon
Measuring with a Tailor's Tape
North Country Fair Arcata, California
Measuring Your Head to Determine Your Hat Size ~

It is easiest to determine your Hat size with the help of a friend, and a cloth or plastic tailor's tape (see picture above). Simply measure the circumference of your head to the nearest quarter inch or centimeter, making certain that the tape is not too tight. If you do not have a friend readily available, the task can be accomplished single-handedly. If you do not have a tailor's tape, a stout string or ribbon will do. A string that easily stretches will not give you an accurate measurement. Wrap the string around your head, find the mark, then measure the length with a meter or yard stick (remember we are looking for inches or centimeters of circumference). Our Shopping Cart specifically asks you for inches, but there is a "Special Comments" section where you can give us additional information that does not readily fit in the form.

Timing, Sizing, and "When will I get my Hat?" ~

It is important that you understand ~ We make Hats to Size as Orders are Received. We endeavor to keep a stock of partially completed Web Hats; ready to size, on hand at all times. So when your order is received ~ We must size your Hat, sew in the cotton lining and the hat band, block your Hat and prepare it for shipment. Because each Hat is custom made to order, we need an allowance of 3 to 4 weeks from the time we receive your order, until your Hat is shipped (although it often takes much less time). We will NOT charge your credit card until the Hat is completely finished and ready to mail.

Ordering from the Hat People web site using our Secure Shopping Cart ~

We have a new policy::::> You will not be charged at checkout for the Hat(s) you are ordering! We will need to collect your contact information at checkout, but you will not be charged until your hat is ready for shipment. To complete your online checkout: under "Step 5. Payment Information" simply select ""Square" Invoice upon Hat Completion". Once your hat is sized, finished, and ready to ship: we will email you a "Square" invoice; unless you have elected to pay by check or money order. "Square" is a reputable credit card processor we have been doing business with for years. If you do not respond to our emailed invoice within a couple days, we will probably call.

When Ordering by Phone from Hat People, we will need to know ~

1) Your Size in inches or centimeters of circumference (see above). 2) The Style you wish to order (Sports Cap, Touring Cap, Touring Cap Cut). 3) The Fabric (Pendelton Wool, corduroy, linen, brush denim, summer cottons or velvet). 4) Your Color preference. 5) Name, address, & telephone number. 6) Your method of payment (we accept all major credit cards, money orders, and cashiers checks). Our toll free number is (888) 930-4287. Please limit your calls to regular business hours, Pacific Time.

Return and Exchange Policy ~

We are well aware that buying a hat online is not the same as trying it on in person. So ~ we are prepared for the inevitable ~ meaning that we will exchange a Hat for one of a different cut, style, or size ~ if necessary. The charge for this service is $8, which covers the sizing, shipping, handling of your newly exchanged Hat. If you purchase a hat, and simply do not wish to keep it, we will refund your purchase, minus $8 per hat, to cover the original shipping and custom sizing of your order. Please send returns to Hat People ~ PO Box 722 ~ Talent, OR 97540. We also request that you enclose a note in the package explaining the reason for your return, how we can best serve you in our response, and any other pertinent information. You have 30 days to return your hat, and it must be in perfectly new condition.

Shipping Methods ~

We send hats by US Mail ~ Priority. This cost is included in the price of your Hat. If you want us to use another service, there will be additional charges. Federal Express, UPS, or Express Mail for rush orders; all incur additional charges.

International Orders ~

We send international orders via the US Postal Service, First Class International Insured at an additional cost of approximately $15 to $20. If your international order includes more than one hat, shipping costs will be more, but certainly not double.

Seasonal and Special Event Considerations ~

Be sure to tell us if you have a time constraint such as a holiday, birthday, or trip, and we will try our best to accommodate you. Likewise, during the winter holidays, our schedule gets very jammed with shows. So if you are ordering a hat as a gift, please understand that we cannot GUARANTEE arrival before Christmas, if the hat is ordered AFTER NOVEMBER 20th. If at all possible we will ship ~ for Christmas (we actually do quite well) ~ orders received after the 20th. However, there are only 24 hours in a day (even in December), and all I can say is that we will do our best.  

More about the Hat People and our People Hats ~

Since our humble beginnings in 1978, Hat People has remained an Oregon cottage industry. Our business has grown over the years as a result of our ongoing success at Art Festivals, Oregon Artisan Markets, and the internet. The constant feedback from actually dealing face to face with our many customers has refined the design of our Hats on all levels, to fit the needs of our patrons. All Hats are washable in cold water and can be rolled and stuffed in your pocket. We use natural fabrics including Pendelton Wool, cotton corduroy, linen, hemp, brush denim and various summer weight cottons. Fabrics are preshrunk by a single washing in warm water and dried in the dryer. Pendelton woolens are somewhat preshrunk by Pendelton and we have had excellent success if they are hand washed in cold water and left to drip dry. All wool, corduroy and velvet Hats are completely lined with cotton; Summer Styles can be partially lined. All Hat People designs have finished edges. Our fabric selection, within the range mentioned above, is very diverse, however, quantities can be limited by fabric availability. If you wish to request a special fabric not offered thru the shopping cart, or to send us something you have acquired and want a hat made from, please realize that this is outside our normal production, and we will need to charge a bit extra for this attention.

Thank you and Best Wishes,

Hat People