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The Hat People People Hat or Sports Cap is another hat whose history has left it with numerous names and associations. Some of the names include Greek Fisherman's Hat, Stroker, Dutch Boy, Mao Cap, Student's Cap and (yes) Sports Cap. Most of us have seen a Greek Fisherman's Hat, a more formal version of this basic shape. The Stroker hearkens to roots with Motorcycle Riders here in America. Stroker refers to a Biker's tendency to push the hat back and smooth it against the head. Dutch Boy is, of course, you guessed it, that blonde fellow in the blue cap, on the paint can of the same name. Mao Tse Tung also had his part to play with this hat, and although the Mao Hat is cut trimmer than our own version, the basic style is the same. In 1966 I had the fortune of being a student in Japan; at that time students wore uniforms and the hat was, once again, this basic style.

The People Hat cuts across international borders and rises up near the Working Class Heroes of our time like John Lennon, Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan and Pete Seger. This hat, I believe, has been worn by more people on this planet than any other style, including the Baseball Cap! Hat People has risen to the occasion with its own version of this venerable style by introducing new fabric combinations, a strong pattern and washability.

The Hat People featured in pictures starting at the top and proceeding clockwise are:

1) Ben is in a Brown/Green Pendleton Coat Weight Wool. This hat is available in limited quanities, by request, call (888) 930 4287.

2) Laura Bell is wearing a soft Red/Black Pendleton Wool Plaid that is also available by request.

3) Roze's hat is the
Cotton Brush Denim in Black that is available online.

4) The Hat Keith is wearing is no longer available, but it is such a great picture, with his falcon Pandora, that I couldn't resist posting it.